Saturday, July 30, 2011

Book and Poster/ Poster y Libro

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Poster del Alfabeto!!

 Alphabet Poster!!

The size around: 12x16 inches
you will find the poster in my Etsy Shop: here

El tamaño es de 32 x 41 cm.
Pueden encontrarlo en mi local Etsy.

Más novedades sobre el libro,
Finalmente lo hice en Blurb, lo encontraran allí.
Aquellos primero 3 que ordenen el libro tendrán un 20% de descuento
Como funciona?
Enviame un mail a 

lasrtapil () gmail () com

news about the Alphabet,
Will looks like this one!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

nuevo comiezo/ New start

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Si no puedes ver mis imagenes, es por que sin querer borré la carpeta con las fotos de mi blog...
bueno que esto del g+ me tiene patas para arriba, igualmente encontraras todas mis fotos en mi flick
Puedes seguir mis novedades desde mi FB page, o agregarme a tu G+, seguirme con Twitter, o bailar una conga!
Pronto un nuevo banner para acompañar el nuevo sitio.

If you are trying to see some pic and you didn´t find them...well
I delete one of the albums from my blog and all its gone.
you can find all my photos in My flickr

Anyway I will back to work in my banner.


Friday, July 1, 2011


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today was the last day of the alphabet, 
I just finishing it, while my hubby wach the game
Copa America, Messi is playing!!
I am working :)
Just would like to say,
 So many people help me with it,
I feel lucky to meet all of you, each one collaborate with the alphabet.
Give me the names, voting and was part of it.
Thank you all, was fun, lots of likes!
lot of love!
I will keep drawing for the next project,
The Alphabet Book,
Lots of ideas, hope decide for one sooner,

1-make 10 book by hand, like a One of the Kind book,
Printed by me, stitched by me, etc...( yes...I am crazy)
2_ make 50 copies, signed etc. ( pretty good!)
3- Lulu or Blurb...( good , GOOD!!!)

so...still need lot of work, but the next project will be great,
So many times I dream about make a book, 
 I can´t wait till some one make it posible, 
I will do it my self,
and will be great!

BTW, dolls are waiting!

Find the full alphabet in my Etsy shop