Friday, July 1, 2011


Pin It Ahora!

today was the last day of the alphabet, 
I just finishing it, while my hubby wach the game
Copa America, Messi is playing!!
I am working :)
Just would like to say,
 So many people help me with it,
I feel lucky to meet all of you, each one collaborate with the alphabet.
Give me the names, voting and was part of it.
Thank you all, was fun, lots of likes!
lot of love!
I will keep drawing for the next project,
The Alphabet Book,
Lots of ideas, hope decide for one sooner,

1-make 10 book by hand, like a One of the Kind book,
Printed by me, stitched by me, etc...( yes...I am crazy)
2_ make 50 copies, signed etc. ( pretty good!)
3- Lulu or Blurb...( good , GOOD!!!)

so...still need lot of work, but the next project will be great,
So many times I dream about make a book, 
 I can´t wait till some one make it posible, 
I will do it my self,
and will be great!

BTW, dolls are waiting!

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Fun With This and That said...

So nice It is do very neat and well done. Good luck Laura

Louisa said...

bravo! Can't wait! :0)

Carpet Cleaning said...

This picture is so cute, I love it! It is like Im kid again.

Playmobil Magic Castle said...

An alphabet chart with animals is very educational. I hope the little kids would learn from that cute chart.

Rachel Brown said...

It is such a great way for your child to learn the alphabet. I fully support your idea.
Happy Mum

VBR said...

What a lovely piece. The little creatures are so sweet, and expressive. I love the color palette you worked with. It can be used for many years in either a boy or girls room, and afterwards, it is still so lovely, I would hang it anywhere in my house! Beautiful.