Saturday, November 5, 2011

IF: Stripes

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Stripes Carolers
For Illustration Friday
They are some of the favorites people choose for 
Calendar 2012.
Back with illustration Friday!
Enjoy <3


Sweet Pea said...

Lovely! Your work is always so sweet :)

Paola Zakimi said...

Thank you!
sweet pea <3

Cindy D. said...

Oh my, such adorable creatures in little matching outfits. And I must say it is so nice when so many creatures from wildly different backgrounds come together as friends. Heartwarming, I tell you! I bet they can really sing, too.

Paola Zakimi said...

thank you Cindy!
they are ready for xmas!

Anonymous said...

They are the cutest! They are so cheerful and full of spirit. Maybe these little animals will inspire the tradition of olde to come back! Love them !!
Kerstin :-)

caela said...

This is soo adorable i love the giraffe :D

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

This is so very very cute. I love your work!! :)

Ana said...

they are so cute ♥

Genna Byrne said...

cute! i like your style and your mark making :)