Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jewelry, pequeñas joyas

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I love the word "jewelry"
little objects shining
 tiny treasures.

all my work is about nostalgia, memories and good feelings.

This particular Jewelry started from my last year sketches and part of Le jardin des sens.

 Le Jardin des Sens

la bouche, brooch

  Le Jardin des Sens

Partes de mi rose, Pendant Cameo
Le jardin des Sens 
Partes de mi, Blue- Cameo Pendant

Bosque en mis  Sierras

Brooches, Mixmedia 
wood, antique fabrics, varnish.


poodletail said...

La bouche brooch! C'est fabuleux, Paola.

Wholesale Earrings said...

Wow..This is so cute artwork done. Keep working.