Wednesday, February 22, 2012

wonder about them?

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we are the new girls in town.
One is Donna Rabbit Girl and Other is
Sandrine Rabbit Girl,
Soon will be dress and ready to travel!

commissioned by Paola Zakimi
commissioned, a photo by Paola Zakimi on Flickr.
I am so proud to be on the cover of Art Doll Quarterly, Spring!
take a look:

Many people ask me about the Rabbits, well now is time to commissioned some of them.

Please feel free to ask me and We can work together to make your Own Rabbit Girl.
Take note I am not able to reproduce, I make One of the kind, the photos are only illustrative.
I am working with new big dolls, please visit my Face book page for updates.

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Daryle and Katie... kindred spirits said...

Congrats upon the publication on the front cover of ADQ... so well deserved! Daryle

Emma Kaufmann said...

Congratulations on being on the cover! I love your stuff and will pop back regularly